In the past few years, the climate crisis has started to play a more prominent role in public discourse. However, there are still too many aspects that are not talked about enough. This workshop aims to shed some light on one of them: migration and flight caused by the climate crisis.

The workshop will be held by UNSA Vienna and aims to answer the following questions and more:

  • What are the consequences of the climate crisis, especially in the poorest regions of the world?
  • What does this mean for the people living there, and what other obstacles do those people face?
  • How are women in particular impacted by climate related migration?

 On the occasion of the workshop, Dr. Andrea Barschdorf-Hager, the director of the human aid organisation CARE will speak on the topic of gender and climate-related migration.

UNSA Vienna is a non-profit organisation that aims at raising awareness and promoting exchange on commonly overlooked yet important topics within the UN framework such as femicide and climate crisis and migration. Special focus lies on empowering and integrating the next generation.

13.04.2021, 18:00, Online 

Register via the following email adress: ccam@unsavienna.org

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